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SharePoint Slide Menu Control

The Slide Menu control represents the container for the menu structure. A menu is composed of MenuItem objects that represent the individual menu commands in the menu structure.
The menu control render standart SharePoint HTML elements like this:

Описание SPMenu по-русски
SPMenu demo (Office 365)

<menu id="SimpleMenu" type="ServerMenu" largeiconmode="false" class="ms-SrvMenuUI">
  <ie:menuitem type="submenu" text="Microsoft SharePoint">
    <ie:menuitem type="label"></ie:menuitem>
    <ie:menuitem type="option" 
      onmenuclick="alert('Microsoft SharePoint Foundation'); return false;" 
  <ie:menuitem type="separator"></ie:menuitem>
  <ie:menuitem type="option"
    title="My blog" 
    iconsrc="/_layouts/images/ichtm.gif" text="My blog"></ie:menuitem>

Getting started with Slide Menu control

  1. Add reference to SPAdaptiveMenu.dll from your SharePoint project;
  2. Register SPAdaptiveMenu.dll as additional assembly in Package.package for GAC deploying (use 'Advanced' tab);
  3. Use SPAdaptive.Menu control such as usual web control.

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